"Thank you so much for the amazing facial this morning! It truly was the best facial I have ever had! You are AMAZING! I'm excited to try out those products you gave me! Thank you so so much!"
Claudia, Paso Robles, Ca

"Thank you for another amazing facial and explaining each process. See you soon Linda. Safe travels this weekend"
Cynthia, Templeton, Ca

"So I had a facial today and cheated on you because 5 hours is so far to drive each month buttttttt it was probably the worst facial I ever experienced I was legit depressed after it. Call me dramatic but I know good service when I get it. I just got some goop rubbed on my face and more goop I was like this is insane. So disappointed I don't even know how people have a business. K end of rant. Now I'm driving each month to see you and your stuck with me forever. I've decided that since I can't move you closer to me. Your irreplaceable so I think I'll stick with you till I dieūüíĒ
Rebecca, Sacramento, Ca

"This is a total 100% Top of the line customer satisfaction experience. I recommend it !! total professionalism in a very relaxed environment"
Donna, Templeton, Ca

"Linda, I just wanted to tell you I love the way my face feels and looks. I will be seeing you again soon for another facial and possibly the rezenerate nano. ūüėĀ
Thank you again!!"
Denise, Paso Robles, Ca

"Linda knows her skin......and....MY skin.....this was my first treatment from Linda and I am impressed."
Kate, Paso Robles, Ca

"Calming atmosphere, experienced and knowledgeable esthetician with a variety of exceptional products for clients usage."
Susan, Templeton, Ca

"Hi Linda! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the facial yesterday! I can already see improvements in my skin. Might need a repeat of that one! Also that white spot is completely gone and the pimple on my chin is just about gone! Thanks again, you are great at what you do!"
Karen, Paso Robles, Ca

"Always a great experience. Linda is so knowledgeable, uses the best quality products. Love doing my facials there , I highly recommend her!"
Carla, San Luis Obispo, Ca

"OMG, I am ecstatic.  The product combination you gave me is working like a charm. My skin is calmed down with fewer acne breakouts and I’ve had a stressful week so that’s amazing! Also, it looks smoother every day and is dryer, not nearly as oily.  I’ll keep you posted but wanted you to know how much I appreciate you taking so much time with me in trying to figure out this complex skin. Cheers and have an awesome day!"
Sheila, Paso Robles, Ca

"I love being outside but I'm not in love with what the sun has done to my face. I just treated myself to a very over-due facial and was so surprised when i looked in the mirror after! I was expecting a blotchy, red, hot mess! But my skin already is so much brighter and is totally glowing!! She knew exactly what my skin needed and customized the treatment for me. Thank you Linda  for the fantastic Friday facial today!! If you need a facial go see her. You will not be disappointed".
Tara, Templeton, Ca

"I had my facial  five days ago and my skin looks amazing!! Always a labor intensive hour with Linda. She does not do "fluff" facials!"
Michelle, Los Osos, Ca

"Thank you for talking me into the LED facial.  After the 2nd one, I could really start to see changes. My skin just "looks" better. I'm happy!!!! I appreciate all you do.
Teresa, Paso Robles, Ca

"Now that was a REAL facial! Thank you Linda. My skin feels great! I'll be back".
Caryn, Santa Barbara, CA

"I have been a client of Lindas for almost three years now. She has a wonderfully inviting personality with a fabulous touch and my skin loves her. She uses, in my opinion, some of the highest quality products and technology in the industry at a reasonable price. I highly recommend you try her services and guarantee you'll be hooked once you do".
Melody, Morro Bay, CA

"Time to take a two day break from the shop makeover and get some pampering... First stop a nice relaxing facial at A Beautiful Face in Templeton.... Linda is the best!!!"
Icey, Atascadero, CA

"Linda gives a wonderful facial and is very knowledgeable. It'a very relaxing and positive experience!".
Laurie, Templeton, CA

"Had her Ultimate Anti Aging Facial.  It was amazing.  My skin felt and LOOKED great for days after!".
Debbie, Atascadero, CA

"Where to begin! Everything about A Beautiful Face spa deserves 5 stars! From the moment I entered I was transformed mentally and bodily to a higher sphere due to the soft lighting and soothing music. And this was before I even sat down! Linda Davis is an exceptional aesthetician! I explained to her that my face was "very" "different" due to still having combination skin (and I'm over 60!) and breakouts. She understood immediately, and explained just how she was going to proceed (gentle at first) until my skin was ready for more extensive treatments such as micro-dermabrasion and LED. I'm coming up on my 4th treatment and I couldn't be happier. People noticed right away how different I looked! I highly recommend Linda @ A Beautiful Face".
Gloria, Paso Robles, CA

"Linda is wonderful. Her ultimate anti-aging facial really is and so relaxing. I highly recommend her. Also  reasonably  priced".
J, Atascadero, CA

 "I get a monthly facial from Linda.  Very professional, punctual, clean.  I've had the LA treatments, some good some bad.  She ranks up there with the best experiences you will get in the urban hubs.  Highly recommended".
Ally, Templeton, CA

"The most pampered I've felt!!"
Colleen, Paso Robles, CA 

 "A heavenly experience. Linda really takes the time to give her clients a quality and relaxing facial.  It's the best facial on the Central Coast".
Faye,  Atascadero, CA 

 "A luxurious, sophisticated and professional experience that would rival any you would get in major U.S. or European cities"
Susan,  San Luis Obispo, CA

" Absolutely the most relaxing, thorough, professional facial I have ever had, for a reasonable price"
Brenda, Templeton, CA

"Linda, it was a wonderful experience! You made me feel it was my special time and I was worth it!"
Lynne, Paso Robles, CA

"I spent 90 minutes on Linda's wonderful table, as she worked her magic. Linda took the time to access my skin, and check out where it was the most damaged, and address my needs, MOISTURE, MOISTURE,MOISTURE!  Linda exfoliated, rubbed, moisturized and much more ( I fell asleep).  I felt, and my skin looked like a million! We, as women need to give ourselves a gift from time to time & for me, it will be a facial from Linda!  90 minutes of heaven!"
Donna,  Templeton, CA

"I don't know what felt better, the products you used on my skin, or your hands using the products on my face. Very soothing and relaxing. It was a great experience"
Sue,  Simi Valley, CA

"Wonderful facial! It was better than the Ojai Inn & Spa, and as good as the Biltmore Hotel.  Thank you again"
Lynn,  Carpenteria, CA

"Linda is a very through and knowledgeable skin care specialist. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in her care. I will highly recommend her to my friends""
Rhonda,  Arroyo Grande  CA 

"Thank you Linda for a fantastic facial. Your professionalism, gentle touch and expertise in your field are second to none!"
Jan,  Paso Robles  CA

I have been extremely disappointed with the facials I've received on the Central Coast.  I chose to go south to my previous aesthetician. I tried Linda and feel extremely comfortable. She uses the proper pressure for me. I no longer have to go south for my facials".
Jeanne,  Paso Robles,  CA

"Linda makes you look radiant"
Donna,  Paso Robles,  CA

"The products you used on my face felt so wonderful, I hated to wash my face the next morning"
Lynda,  Paso robles  CA

"I knew I had neglected my skin in order to save money, but I did not realize how taking care of my skin helped me feel better. My makeup goes on my skin better. Thank you for making me realize that I needed to take care of ALL of me"
Tricy,  Paso Robles,  CA

"Very Professional treatments and products, top of the line. The smell from the botanicals are so relaxing"
Sharon,  Templeton   CA

"I have sensitive skin and Linda did a great job treating my problem. Normally after a facial, my skin is red, but my skin was perfectly even and toned afterwards"
Yasmin,  Paso  Robles  CA

"It's like being in Beverly Hills without the drive. Linda is awesome and knows her stuff"
Adam,  Atascadero  CA

"I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout. That was a nice bonus and a rare time during my busy days. The facial was excellent and the best I've ever had"
Patti,  Templeton   CA

"The atmosphere & table were inviting and comfortable. The product was great and smelled wonderful. My skin was very happy"
Susan,  Templeton,  CA   

" Not an an aficionado, but I can't imagine any better. I go to Ventura every 3 months to get my hair done. Dennis was rinsing my hair and said "You're skin looks great!"  What have you been doing? I told him about Linda and Microcurrent"
Patty,  Paso Robles  CA

"The most relaxing and enjoyable facial I have ever had in a pretty and serene clinic. My skin felt wonderful".
Kim,  Templeton   CA

"I loved the great, relaxed feeling I felt & my skin looked and felt better".
Elizabeth,  Templeton  CA

" I had my first facial at "A Beautiful Face". Even with nothing else to compare it to, it was a positive experience. Linda accommodated my schedule, is very knowledgeable & thoughtful and helped my skin and stress level in a very short amount of time".
Genevieve,  Paso Robles  CA

"A truly wonderful experience"
KC,  Los Osos  CA

"Very professional, friendly and thorough"
Letha,  Templeton,  CA

"I fell asleep it was so relaxing and quiet"
Tina,  Paso Robles  CA

"Wonderful facial experience! Linda is so knowledgeable & gentle. I feel completely relaxed & pampered when I'm under her care"
Lori,  Paso Robles  CA

"Linda gave me my first facial ever. I was surprised by what a relaxing experience it was.  I have sensitive skin and Linda was very careful to use gentle products. Give it a try, you will be hooked"
Donna, Ventura  CA

"The most gentle ever! The products I got are working so well"
April,  Cambria  CA

"Linda is so knowledgeable. I loved it"
Leslie, Templeton  CA

"It was the "BEST" facial I have ever had. The products used smelled and felt sensational. My skin never felt better"
Cathy,  Paso Robles  CA

"An hour of melting into relaxation"
Jan,   Paso Robles  CA

"I needed this facial for my skin, but it also healed my stressed mind!"
Kristen,  San Luis Obispo  CA

"A wonderful experience, well worth the expense"
Debbie,  Paso Robles, CA

"If I could go every week, I would.  Great product and great pampering"
Julie,  Paso Robles, CA

"If you want total relaxation plus a facial, Linda is the one for you"
Ann,  Paso Robles, CA